Thursday, December 29, 2011

A sense of freedom -- Bus Vs Scooter

For the past around one month, I have been pushed into a sort-of-cruel act (???) of going in a public bus. Anybody who is a regular traveller in a bus would definitely agree with me. All the pushing, a few angry moments with the driver and the conductor, watchful eyes on who boards and descends the bus, an ultimate search and wait to get a seat, and the list goes on...All this is accompanied with the bus travel...But, when you get a seat and get to hear songs on your headphones, or read your favourite novel, then the bus travel is one to be really cherished. The human mind is very partial, right?

Ok, let me come to the point...I got a chance to come to my workplace in my dad's two-wheeler today..And whoa!! what a relief...Took me just around half hour (yes, half hour in a bus and half hour in a scooter differ ocean levels)...More than the time and more than the traffic issues, the sense of independence and freedom that you get when you come by your own means is amazing...Its as if raising up your collar and saying, "Wow...I did it"...Though there is no big achievement in coming in a two-wheeler, still, as I said before, one who has been doing bus travelling will definitely appreciate this point-to-point travel done by their own means.

And I really wish to have more of these independent moments in the future, when I can avoid the fatigue and a sense of ooooph's of coming by a bus...

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