Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ribbon cut of my Project 365

After an year of waiting, finally during the end of December 2011, I decided I will try out the Photo Project 365. I was quick enough to create an account and my hands were restless to do something on the "Upload" option in the website...But then, wait, another week to go, and I decided I will start when 2012 dawns. As a prelude, I googled for tips on project 365s, photography tips and others' Project 365s. Then I found the best tip of all..."If you are not able to do a Project 365, do a Project 52"...Yes, a-photo-a-week instead of a-photo-a-day. Of course, that has to be possible. Will I not get atleast one shot worth of photography per week? So, putting on my pessimistic hat (yes, I have to be optimistic, I know...But, quite difficult to control our mind sometimes), I thought that I will continue Project 52 if my Project 365 goes to a toss. But I am quite optimistic and energetic in starting this project...And just make sure that I open up my eyeballs in a creative and a watchful way to make this project of mine a success...Let me hope that my thumbnail section in the Project 365 site is filled with some good pictures, which I can look upto in the future to have a glimpse of my past days.........
And this is my project here:

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