Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer camp

Born as a cute little baby, I am surprised at the way she has grown up to a 2.5+ year old girl...I am talking about my daughter. Till this day, I remember the day of my delivery, remaining afresh in my memory like a super-chip of Intel. Growth happens very fast, before you realise what is happening to your teeny-weeny baby bundle.

She was so dependent on me from A to Z (to any other imaginable alphabets) of her needs, and now she poses as if she knows everything and is so independent :-)
She has started involving in activities so much that I need to think on terms of how to engage her during her summer vacation. I need to make arrangements for her to go to a summer camp at her school so that she does not feel "bored" at home...Can't imagine that kids grow up so big that they get the feeling of boredom also.

Enquired in her school about the summer camp and going to pay the summer camp fees today, so that my kid enjoys her two-month vacation in spite of the scorching sun who does his duty of shining extra-bright during summers !!!

Have a great summer camp, my baby darling !!!

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