Thursday, April 05, 2012

Summers and the sizzlings

Yes, it is here, our summer...Bangalore, or Bengaluru, is no different from Chennai that is known for its high thermometer readings.

In Bengaluru, its heat, everywhere and everytime.

Bulleting the sizzlers of Summer:
  • Fans rotating in the highest speeds of 5...And the noisy-noise that it makes irritates you so much times...Oh inventors!! Please invent some noiseless fans...Or, am I obsolete? (I still remember that this word "obsolete" was taught by my elder brother at a point when I did not know its meaning, and I had to look out for the dictionary to get its meaning)
  • Frequent calls of your throat to soothe it with some hydrogen-di-oxide
  • Poor plants sogging out of heat and requesting more of water, may be, twice a day
  • Panting and grunting as soon as you come out of your bath, which makes you tired, as against the notion that a bath has to refresh you up
  • Frequent visits to the refrigerator to open that up that "Slice" or "Frooti" bottle and take a supposed-to-be-smaller-but-end-up-big sips :-)
  • Ooooooooo...Mangoes...The king of fruits (Getting a doubt if Mango is the king of fruits, or is it jackfruit?..Whatever, let us assume for the time-being that mango takes the crown) everywhere on the streets and shops - circular, oval, big, small, all shapes and colours of mangoes that makes you think, "Let us forget about diabetes and relish this fruit only during summer"
  • Shopping for my kid specially for summer wear - sleeveless, cotton wear in which she will look cute as well as feel comfortable
  • Whenever there is a visit to a place that has an ice-cream parlour, there is a feeling to make my kid enjoy the ice-cream without worrying of cold as it is only summer and the chances of she getting a cold is less (they say ice-cream and colds are not linked, but coincidentally, she has got cold in twice of the occasions earlier when she had ice-cream...What am I supposed to do?)
  • Search for your goggles and adorn them on your face
  • Seek for the thrown-away friend, our umbrella, to put it into best use
  • Get motivated to go somewhere for some wonderful photography in the bright sun
The list  goes on and on...Welcome Summer !!! Welcome Brightness !!!

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