Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new Ramayana

A thought struck me that I will use this blog to update my daughter's day-to-day progress, activities, talks, dramas, injuries, and many things she is newly exposed to each day...She is going to complete three years of age next month.

Let me start with her version of Ramayana...

Around a week back, I started telling a very very concise version of Ramayana, which starts directly like this: Sita Akka (Sita is Akka as per my daughter) is in forest. She sees a beautiful deer. She asks Rama to go and get that deer. Rama leaves but does not come even after a long time. So, Sita akka sends Lakshmana to see what happened, and Lakshmana tells her "I will draw a line. You should not cross that line till I come back". Sita says "Yes". After Lakshmana leaves, the bad uncle Ravana comes to Sita Akka's house and asks her "I am getting rumbly in my tumbly (my kid's word substitute for getting hungry, inspired by Winnie The Pooh episodes). Please give me some food". Sita goes inside the kitchen and gets a cup full of food and gives it to Ravana from the other side of the line. Ravana says " I will take the food only if you cross the line and give it to me". So, Sita akka crosses the line. That time, Ravana catches her, and fly-flys her to Sri Lanka. Rama and Lakshmana come to know that Ravana has taken away Sita. So, they go to Hanuman for his help. Hanuman, being a strong god, helps them to cross the sea by putting big stones on the water. They go to Sri Lanka and ask Ravana to send Sita back to their house. Ravana says "No I won't send Sita back". So, Ravana and Rama fight. Rama, being the god, wins the fight and they come back to their house in Ayodhya. This story is called Ramayana.

I had been telling this story for 3-4 times to her over the past week. One day, while telling the story, I asked her who was the bad uncle who took away Sita. She said "Kamsa uncle" (Confusing with Krishna story). Then, I asked which God helped Rama to bring back Sita. She said "Narasimha jeja" (jeja meaning God in Telugu)...I could not control my laughter and wondered how ignorant and kids can be. She created her own Ramayana by having characters from different eras :-)

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