Friday, June 29, 2012

Pleasing words

I had an oil burn on my left hand last Sunday, when I was frying papads in oil. It is a pretty bad burn with the back of my palm almost half-black. I really wish the scar goes away and does not stay.
So, day-before-yesterday, my daughter, while playing with me, rubbed her hand against my left hand, which made me lose my life and come back to life again (Literal translation of: "Uyir poi thirumba vandudu). I told, "Kanna, its paining". She saw me for a few seconds, went inside her room fastly, opened the right cupboard and got a medicine and gave it to me saying, "Mandu vesuko. Uvva poyesunu" (Put medicine. Wound will go away). You know what medicine she got? The one that I give her if she has stomach upsets and vomiting :-) So ignorant and pleasing of a child to act like this...I really felt pleased at this act of her.
My baby-sitter was also telling me a similar thing. She told my baby-sitter to take the medicine to her home and take it, if she (baby-sitter) was not willing to take it at our place.
And yesterday, again she rubbed her hand on mine. I cried "ohhh". She said, "Sorry amma, sorry". I said, "Its ok kanna". Then she asked me, "Uvva poyesinda?" (Has the wound gone?), as if her telling "sorry" is the medicine :-) Nevertheless, I was pleased once again at her cute words...

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