Monday, July 16, 2012

The talks

A small note before we start this blog post...
My toddler has been talking complete sentences - in Telugu, in English and in Tinglish (Telugu+English), for the past few months. And, day-by-day, her talking skills seem to be increasing with her making analyses before talking something...Or in short, she has started comprehending better each day. So, on that note, here is a  list of sentences heard from my toddler in the past few days:

--Latest: Yesterday night...
Me: You should go to school tomorrow, right? It is time to sleep now.
She (after sometime when I assumed she is in the process of sleeping): Go to office amma, time to sleep.
Her Highness is instructing me that it is time to go to sleep, as I have office tomorrow :-)

--She, to her great grand-mother: "No TV now", and switches off the TV coolly.

--Me: What did you do in school today?
She: Friends-ni push-push chesthini. Teacher aunty Bad girl cheppindi (I pushed my friends and hence my Teacher aunty told that I am bad girl)
(On a positive note, I confirmed with her teacher whether she (my kid) pushes her friends. To my satisfaction, the teacher told that she does not do all that. I wonder where these kids get imagination to answer questions)

--Once, when she had temperature and puking, I had given her medicines for both (at around 11 PM). She went and told her grandparents, "Naaku neck-la hot hot undi. Mandu thaagithini" (I am having hot-hot in my neck. I drank medicine)..

--Another latest: Day-before-yesterday...
Me: Its raining...Do not go outside kanna.
She: Rain rain undi...Umbrella kaala naaku...Walk-walk go...(Rain is there. I want umbrella. Want to go walking)
She wants to implement the usage of umbrella and still go walking in the rain.

--My mom's place is duplex house. There are 2 TVs- One in the ground floor and one in the first floor. Since she was very naughty, my mom switched off the TV in the ground floor and told her that power is off and hence she cannot see TV. She replied, "Up-la current undi. Thatha on chesi" (TV is there "up" -- ie. in first floor. Thatha will switch it on). My mother could not reply anything for this answer of my daughter :-)

--My daughter was doing some activity when my grandmother had a cough while eating. The little one stopped her activity, came to her great grandmother and told "Appa thaagu, appa thaagu" (Drink water, Drink water). Sometimes, kids and elders change roles, I think :-)

Planning to update this post with more of her talks as they come by...

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