Tuesday, July 17, 2012

School Tales

My daughter has officially started going to a playschool from June 11, 2012. Here are some updates from her school front during the past one month:
--She is enthusiastic about her school, right from Day One. The enthusiasm is to such an extent that if I want to briber her to get something done from her, I say "If <>, no school tomorrow", and she does the job most of the times.

--Met her teacher one day. And she seems to be very caring and patient enough with kids. And patient enough with me also, that she replies all of even my smallest queries in my daughter's diary.

--My daughter is very eager to go by her school's mini-bus. It is a great pleasure to see the way she climbs actively on to the bus and say good-bye to me.

--Her school gives fortnightly report listing out what has been taught in school in the past 2 weeks and what is planned for the next two weeks. They also send the activity sheets done by the kids.
1st Fortnight report feedback: She is very cheerful. And enthusiastic about all the activities. Please converse with her in English.
2nd Fortnight report feedback: Excellent coloring.

And they have given around 7 activity sheets in the past two fortnights. The assistance level rating marked in all the sheets is "Nil". Those are moments of pride to see such results/feedback. Touch wood, God bless her !!!

--Her school van comes at 7.30 AM. I have to wake her up by 6.45 AM to get her ready to go the van on time. Sometimes, she feels so sleepy at that time and acts cranky for either - wearing her dress, brushing her teeth, drinking milk or taking bath. Sometimes, she demands all "Ramarajan" colours for her dress -- Green color t-shirt with green color pant...Whatever I say will not enter her mind in that cranky moment...Somehow, those days, I need to manage to get her ready and send her to school :-) Thinking of those now makes me smile, but in the mornings, it is a full-of-tension period :-)

--I put a cap on her head and asked her what is on your head? She replied "Hair". Is she right or wrong? Now, I am confused :-)

--I made her noodles for school today, and told her so. After sometime, I asked her "What will you do in school today?" for which she replied "School-a eat noodles"...As if she is going to school only to eat noodles...LOL

Will upload some photos of her craft activities at school...

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