Friday, August 03, 2012

Recent updates

Some recent updates from my daughter's activities...I think I am missing some ones, as she is talking more these days :-)...Should make it a point to update this blog with all of them, frequently...

Advice from daughter to mom when the latter is trying to make the former sleep as the former has school the next day..."Pranati telling, Go to sleep. Tomorrow office. Ok?"

Last fortnight's comments from her teacher - "P..... often rushes through colouring. She can do better colouring. She takes active part in general conversations". The next day, I asked her teacher through my daughter's diary what "General conversations" means. She replied back saying, "What did you have for breakfast?", "Talk about fruits", "What is your favourite food?"... I understood that my daughter does a lot of general conversation regarding food...hee hee hee...

She has got very well potty-trained for the past around 1.5 months. Even if she is on a diaper, she insists she wants to do "those" things only in the toilet. I do not know how I am going to manage if we go out somewhere and she is on a diaper :-)

She liked the potato+onion masala sandwich that I packed her yesterday to school. There were no remains. One more addition to her lunch box recipe, and one deletion of my tensions-list of what to prepare for her lunch :-)

She has started to become very expressive of her feelings. The other day she was telling her grandparents, "P....... is angry. Don't talk to me. Go to room".

She has picked up Shloka (Saraswathi Namasthubyam) very nicely. Night times (When we are on bed, ready to start the process of sleeping) are the times when I teach her the shlokas when she seems to be very attentive to me. For 2-3 days, I was teaching her this shloka. She would have repeated word-by-word after me, for around 8 to 10 times max. And yesterday, I just tried asking her to tell it herself...Voila!! She did it...I was on cloud nine. She was using the same intonation that I used to teach her...Children are really sponges. I understood that...

I was playing the videos from our camcorder featuring her as a baby, as young as 5 to 9 months. She was delighted to see the "baby", as she calls herself. She is not aware that that baby is only herself :-)

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