Monday, August 13, 2012


Some of the milestones in my daughter's life:
  • Started drinking formula from bottle - When 2 months of age
  • First air travel - Just before completing 3 months of age (Prior to that, during 7th month in mommy's womb, while travelling from UAE to India)
  • Mottai and ear piercing - 7th month at Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu, India
  • During the end of 12th month - Started walking without support (This turned out to be the day after we got her a walker :-) )
  • Stopped mommy's milk - 15 months (No special effort from mommy, Baby grew responsible herself :-) )
  • Started waking up lesser number of times during nights for feeds - Around 15 months (kind of Coincided with stopping mommy's milk)
  • First playschool attended - around 1yrs 8 months (At Abu Dhabi). Got settled in her school in around 10 days. But she continued it only for just 2 months or so, as she was getting infected with fever and cold very very often, and we had to travel to India as well, and hence discontinued it.
  • Started calling me "amma", completely grasping the concept that I will respond if she calls me so - 2 yrs 3 months
  • Second playschool at Bangalore - 2.5 yrs (For 3 months, from Jan 2012). Following that, she went to Summer camp in the same school during April and May 2012
  • Proper preschool at Bangalore - 2 yrs 11 months (Called Playgroup-II in that specific school) -- Amazingly happy to go to school and asks "amma school" the first thing even on weekends :-) and asks what is in the "box" (Lunch box). Double happy if I say "Noodles"
  • First PTM - In the above school, sometime during March 2012
  • Potty training to an extent - 2 yrs 9 months (The day after I got her the book "Once Upon a Potty-Girl" and started reading it to her)
  • Completely potty trained - 2 yrs 11.5 months (After she started going to the above PG-II school, she had become specific to go the job only in the toilet, even if she is in diaper)
  • Lot of English speaking - 2 yrs 11 months (When she was about to complete her summer camp. English and her talking increased a loooooot after she joined her PG-II)
  • First birthday which she really enjoyed and realised - Her 3rd birthday (Princess theme)
  • Stopped wearing diapers before sleeping in the night - Just when completing 3 years of age. Mommy became confident to leave her sans-diaper during nights, only after the 3rd Birthday.
  • Started calling her mom, "amma" in the cutest way possible -- A long awaited one, when she was 2yrs 3 months old. Yes, I know, it was a bit late when I was expecting it to happen much earlier. But, she did it :-) And I was T-O-T-A-L-L-Y out of the world when she did it :-)...And from that time, I have been hearing it from her INNUMERABLE number of times when we are around with each other :-)

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