Friday, August 17, 2012

The first official PTM

Aug 3, 2012: The first official PTM in my daughter's school for PlayGroup-II. Her time slot was 10.20 AM-10.30 AM.

The first thing that the teacher told me as soon as I sat was "She has a lot of energy na?" (Coincidentally, my kid was running and playing with other kids who were waiting for their PTM turn). I smiled and said, "If I had 25% of the energy she had, I would have managed her".

Some other points mentioned in the PTM are as follows:

  • She is very observing. She notices what the teacher does for her activity and does the activity quickly. Then, she goes around the class to see what other kids are doing :-)
  • She does not sit in one place when she is free and is always mobile. She gets extra enthusiastic when going for playground activities and rushes for her turn.
  • She eats her food herself most of the times, and says potty time also.
  • Her teacher said this precisely, "Extremely intelligent".
  • There is a girl by name N****** in her class. She is quite tiny for her age it seems. So, my daughter (or for that matter, all the other kids in the class) treats her as a baby. My kid is extra-caring about her. When N****** comes to class, my kid stops what she is doing, goes to N****** and brings N****** to her seat. If any other kid tries to sit near N******, my kid does not allow them. She is so possessive about N****** :-)
  • One strange thing the teacher said she found in my kid was that she was not able to associate kids with their names. And also, even though she plays with kids, she does not talk to them. On her 3rd birthday (July 26th), I had given sweets for her to distribute to her friends. When the teacher told my kid to give it to each child (specifying the child by name), my kid was unable to associate them with names. But the teacher feels she will outgrow them. What I think is, we do not use names to identify people at home. Its only relationships. May be, she did not grasp the concept that each child, just like her, has a name. But, one another thing is she identifies her flatmates with their names. And all the cartoon characters she watches, she knows by name. I am not able to understand why she is not able to identify her classmates with their names...
  • My kid sometimes goes and hugs her teacher and talks with her it seems.
  • She enjoys singing rhymes.
  • Finally, the teacher said that there is absolutely no problem with my kid in anything else and is perfectly ok in class.

I had a good experience in the PTM, with the teacher giving some good feedback (and interesting too) about my kid :-) and hope and pray things go on fine for my beloved :-)

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  1. After such a marvellous, long and heartfelt comment on my blog, i had to visit you.
    Nice to know about your kanna! :)

    Wishign you the very best.
    And if you are based to Blr, most welcome to attend my Easylib event on 15th sept :)