Friday, September 07, 2012

Teachers' Day craft

Given as an idea from my SIL to gift the teacher something for Teachers' Day, me and my daughter ventured out to make something for my daughter's school teacher. So, I went shopping to get some craft items, googled to find out easy-to-make crafts for a 3 year old kid, and decided to do a bookmark.

The cutting was done by me. I held my daughter's hands to write the message. The colouring and the sticking was done by my kid. And so was born the first official gift done by my kid :-)

I told my daughter around 7-8 times that she has to tell "Happy Teachers' Day" the next morning in school and give the gift. She nodded her head nicely and also, the next day, she told me that she wished so. God knows what is the truth :-)

And here is the bookmark that was made... 

The next day, the teacher wrote in her diary, "Thanks for the bookmark. It is very cute and I am happy to receive it".

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