Monday, September 17, 2012


  • I told my kid, "Kanna, amma's back is paining ra suddenly". She didn't react much except, "painingaa". Then, after about 5 minutes, (When I myself forgot about that), she asked "Back paininga?"...I was so,so touched at her enquiry and it sure did a great thing to my mind/emotions than to my back:-)
  • She was pestering me to come and play with her when I was busy in the kitchen doing the nightly cleanup chores. I told her, "Kanna. Give amma 5 minutes. I will wash this cooker and come". As soon as I finished this sentence, she asked me, "Ayipoyinda?" (Is it over?)...When will kids learn the concept of time? :-)
  • I have the bad habit of biting nails (Yes, I know it is a bad habit, but still I do it). My madam (read-daughter) told me, "Don't bite nails. Dirty dirty". Atleast for her, I should stop this dirty habit and I have started it from this moment that I am writing this post :-)
  • She has started questioning a lot, as is common in this age. She keeps asking, "What is this amma, What is that amma. Why amma?". As usual, during one of our conversations during bedtime, she pointed to pillow and asked, "What is this amma?".
Me: This is pillow.
She: What is pillow amma?
Me: Pillow is an object.
And the conversation led to me saying the following so that I can teach her the concept of objects.
Me: P******** is a girl. Ni****** is a boy. V**** is a girl. Pillow is an object. Fan is an object. Bed is an object.
She: What is tree amma?
This question led me into a thinking mode. What should I tell a tree is? It is not an object. It is not a boy/girl. I just told her something (Don't remember what) and she didn't probe further :-)
Kids do really make us think about things...


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