Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sports Day

Today was my kid's first ever Sports Day of her life, in school. She went all decked up in sports wear - white full sleeved shirt, blue track pant and white canvas shoes (all bought for this specific purpose, and of course, for future use also).

Last Saturday, her teacher called me up and told me the following: "P******* gets very excited if she goes to the playground. She does not put in her hear the words told by us. We are giving the kids practice for sports day. So, please speak to her and tell her that she has to listen to her PT Sir when he is giving instructions/practice". I was telling this to everyone for the past 2 days, smiling of the fact what all complaints I have to get from her teacher :-)

So, for the next few days, we were keeping on telling her that she has to run only after "1,2 and 3" and should lister to her teacher and PT Sir. She nodded her head and told "ok, yes" for everything. Today was the D-Day and she went happily to school, as usual.

During the noon, she slept off even before I called. I got the information from my MIL that she herself told that she came first in the race at school. LOL. I am not sure whether she is telling things out of imagination or whether really that was the case. And, nothing was written in her diary also it seems. I need to go home in the evening from office and try to get some information from her. I called her school to talk to her teacher regarding this but could not get her as they had already left by 12.30 PM.

I have to wait till tomorrow to get the update from her teacher about my kid's life's first sports day event :-)

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