Friday, March 08, 2013

Happy Women's Day

This was my today's status in Facebook....March 8, 2013 -- International Women's Day !!!

Yes, we are absolutely proud to be  mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and daughter-in-laws.
We are glad that we have the womb of life.
We are pleased with the multifaceted personalities that sometimes we portray to the world.
We are thankful that we are special and many of nature's faces are considered to be feminine.
We are happy with the god-given gift of multitasking.

But, besides these, we are also fearful of the dangers surrounding women in today's world in which a few see women as mere objects of desire and impose Wild and atrocious violence towards them.

Women's Day is comprised not only of draping sarees, celebrating in White-And-Purple-And-Green colours and considering it a special day dedicated to women. The true spirit of Women's Day evolves only when "those few" consider women as another human being more than anything else, and stop their monsterous activities.

Nevertheless, women are special, and I am proud to be a woman :-)

Wishing all the women a very happy Women's Day !!!

And congratulating the men who have a woman in their life, because they have a woman in their life :-)

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