Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My teeny-tiny wishlist

My wishlist is as long as a giraffe. But, I have tried to reduce it to a baby giraffe's size, listing out only those wishes which hit my head hard, as I soon as started typing this post on Notepad. (Words related to Giraffe above -- Influence of my kid on me, as I deal with a lot of animal stories and characters during the day with my kid :-) )

-- I wish that people stop being judgemental. Yes, I have been judgemental about others many times. But, when I am at the receiving end, I feel the true effect.  On the same lines, I also wish that I accept people as they are and others accept me as I am, with no "Terms and conditions" attached.

-- I wish that I have all the patience in the world. Guess for what? Not for solving world issues. Not for doing major heart and brain surgeries. But, to handle my three-and-a-half-year old daughter. To answer her questions. To convince her to do the right thing. To make her understand that its not my wish to scold her, and I scold and advise her only for her sake. To listen and handle her tantrums. 
On a separate note, I am glad that this wish is being granted to me on a daily installment basis. Yes, I am learning to be more patient day-by-day, only because I have converted myself from Mrs.R**** to Mom.R**** :-)

-- I wish that I have the tolerance level to: Tolerate pain - both physical and mental. Tolerate life's tests on you. Tolerate stupid behaviour of some people. Tolerate accusations against you. Last but not the least, to tolerate Namma Bengaluru's traffic jams :-)

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