Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Navarathri Golu 2011

Wow...Today is the 8th day of 2011's Navarathri and all the dolls there in our living room, in a couple of days, are going to go back to sleep for another 1 year.
Navarathri, I felt, brings about a sense of energy flowing in you and your surroundings. May be it might be because of the ritual you follow every morning - do the pooja before having your breakfast and other daily Navarathri special rituals - or it might be because of those miniature people sitting in the Golu steps, constantly seeing you, or might be because of  the people coming in to your house to get Thamboolam and say, "Wow, your golu is very nice", this and that...Or, it might be because of the constant watch you have on the kids of your house and those of the relatives so that they don't disturb the main Golu :-)...Or, might be because of the regularity of making either "sundal" or a dessert for "Prasaadam"...Or, personally for me, it might have been because of making my kid ready every morning by making her wear new dresses, paavadais and matching jewels.

The exact reason might be any one of the above, or out of the above, or a combination of both. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this year's Golu and I am looking forward to the next one. May be, it might turn out to be a better one than this year's...Let us always hope for the best (Usual saying by everyone, but unusually very much true)

Here are some snaps of our Golu this year...

 The above park is actually a mode of distraction for the kids (there are a total of 4 kids in our apartment, including my daughter -- all of them of age lesser than 2.5 years) so that they play with the animals, the grass and other items in the park and do not touch the main idols...
Idea Courtesy: My Sis-In-law... And indeed, this idea worked superb. 95% of the time, the kids were contended with this park, and the remaining 5%, we were able to manage and there were no casualties for the main idols  :-)

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