Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"The Terminal'--Terminated my work :-)

It was after reading a simple blog that I downloaded "The Terminal" movie, the actor being Tom Hanks. Wow, what a great acting by Tom Hanks...You would have read the same appreciations on Tom Hanks in many situations, but nothing wrong in repeating the truth, what do you say?

I downloaded the movie with no big expectation, in fact. And playing the movie also fell in the same category. But around the 10th minute the movie started, the words going on in my mind were, "Yes. I should see this movie, TODAY itself". It was so captivating.

Tom Hanks is at his best in this movie, as always. The plight of a traveler getting caught in a foreign country, with an "invalid" country's passport and a strong will to satisfy the promise he had made to his father, is beautifully portrayed.

The director, Steven Spielberg has brought out a hero in Tom Hanks' character Victor, by making him invincible to the tense situation prevailing -- he cannot go inside the country, nor can he fly back to his own country. The scenes of how Victor "earns" US dollars inside the airport and how happily he munches his burgers are indeed practical and funny as well.

Victor's stunning and most unexpected answers to the airport official makes the latter slap himself and makes the viewer go back and forth in laughter. Victor's innovative ideas of turning one of the airport's gate into his own sweet home and making a gift for his girlfriend make us to tap his shoulder in appreciation.

The climax makes you think for a moment, "Oh!! Victor has not kept his promise to his father". And there occurs a twist to the tale. Yes, Tom Hanks is a hero and he has to satisfy the audience :-), which he readily does.

The movie is humorous in many aspects. The movie is of "make-you-sit-on-the-corner-of-your-seat" kind. The movie is mildly romantic. The movie is a nice entertainer.

Tom Hanks has delivered brilliant performance in this movie, with his foreign language and his inability to understand US English. At a point, I felt, "Oh my god. How difficult it is to remain in a nation, ignorant of that nation's language"...

Hats off to Steven Spielberg for such a simple-yet-strong storyline and a brilliant direction...

"We are very generous in giving whole-hearted appreciation :-)"
(I guess you will understand why I have given the above in quotes, once you see the movie and give a careful ear to the dialogues)

I am sure you will enjoy the movie, just as I did. Do watch it at the earliest !!!

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