Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Home Arrest

It's not "The House Arrest", rather, it is "The Home Arrest". There is a difference between "a house" and "a home". A house is made of bricks, cement and mortar. On the other hand, a home is made of hearts and its a place where your heart longs to be.

It's been around 3 months I am at home which was the last thing I ever wanted to do. Right from my graduation, I have been working and rarely have I stayed at home, jobless. But, that's not the case now. Personal reasons have made me stay at home.

Its a combination of boredom and freedom, mixed in the right amount, I should say. You do not have the pressure of rushing down to work, work pressures and the like. My mornings get mostly occupied with household work and afternoon naps are an added bonus if you are at home :-) (and which many of us love). Evenings are pleasant, with you expecting for your better half's arrival and a great grin in your heart is on the verge on seeing him come back from office :-)

To confirm with the thought that each action has an equal and opposite reaction, there is also a tinge of boredom associated with this home arrest, though that is a rare phenomena, just like the comet's appearance and disappearance. With the freedom of Internet access, freedom of taking a nap whenever you please, freedom of doing what you please, this boredom vanishes away in a jiffy. Or may be, my mind has got used to this way of thinking...

Every one should have access, I feel, to this kind of life once in their life. I say "once" because I don't think I would be able to survive for long, in this kind of mechanism. So, for a period of time, this would be a great booster for yourself, and some great chances are awaiting you to pamper yourself and to enjoy your freedom, which one is entitled to.

So, enjoy this Home Arrest :-))))

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