Sunday, May 29, 2011

May29 Resolution

Who said there has to be only a new year or a birthday resolution? There can be a resolution on any day of the year and here is mine, on the 29th of May, Two thousand and eleven :-)

Reading many blogs, I feel like I should regularly update my blog as well. But, laziness kicks in and I, of course, succumb to it. Whom has laziness spared? (Or, is that an excuse I give myself?)

Anyway, coming to the point, a sudden spark of thought in my head told me that I should update my blog regularly (remember the resolution I talked about earlier?) and here I am writing it (hoping there would be someone in the cyber world to read it...Else, I will visit my blog myself and increase the "No. of times visited" count.. LOL)...

Anyway, coming to the point AGAIN, I have decided to update my blog with not only paragraphs, but also with photographs and recipegraphs...Interesting ones that happen in my day-to-day life...So, one day, sometime in, may be, the year 2020, when me and my daughter browse the web together, we can see at my blog and have a giggle together...No wonder she will pull my leg asking me, "What amma...You were so out of technology, writing blogs and all?"...May be, during her time, many more unumaginable things would happen...What say?

Ok.... Here you go...

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